Dragon Activations!

Dragon Activations

… started showing up this morning, 29. October, starting with FIVE Wealth Activations!

Update:  4. November, 2022, one week later…

There are now three complete sequences of (five) Dragon Integrations, with three more on the way.  I am so excited at how quickly and completely these are coming in.  Each Sequence comprises five Dragon Activations focused on releasing, resetting, and amplifying a different area, multi-dimensionally.

Click here to learn more:  Dragons.

And here:  The Opulence Sequence

And here:  The Mastery Sequence

And here:  The Passion Sequence

Coming soon:  The Power Sequence

As well as:  The Synergy Sequence

And also:  The Tacit Sequence … Shh!  It goes without saying!