Ooh, a brand new site!

Welcome! This is the new home of Phoenix Activations, a set of fabulous, unique, and very effective energy Activations that are going to change your life! Yeah, yeah, yeah, everyone says that, but seriously… these Activations are a wonderful combinations of Geotran — not Geotran techniques, but the underlying principles of how to change the flow of energy — applied to the energy fields and your inner systems. Now, if we can use Geotran to change regulate how energy flows through the meridians (just like in acupuncture only without the needles) then we can apply the same principles and associated techniques to other parts of the human system… including Human Design.

How did these appear? I started ‘hearing’ the names of the Activations, what they could do, and which sacred geometries to use in what order to clear, reset, restore, and activate the energies. The result? Assorted different Activations to make your life better and better!

Click here to find out more about PHOENIX Activations.

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