Dragon Sequences are now complete!

There are now 60 Dragon Activations!

All are posted on this site, arranged by the sequences below;  also, click here for the Dragon Activations Checklist.

Why should you care?  Because these Activations SWITCH ON your intelligence, grace, and gratitude at higher levels, multi-dimensionally.  Tired of struggling with your unconscious beliefs, or patterns that don’t seem to shift no matter what you do or learn?  Try these out so that you live with ease and grace, with more opulence and focus, so that you can actually manifest your dreams in days and week rather than years!

Dragon Activations are about lifting humans into a higher level energetically.  It’s popular in certain circles to talk about 3-D vs. 5-D realities, so I wondered if that is the intention with these Dragon Activations.  The dragons tell me that is not the most accurate way of defining this multi-dimensional process… not to mention the fabulous results we are experiencing.

A client said to me yesterday, 25-November-2022:  “This is the best and most profound therapy I’ve ever experienced.  Work is easier, money is coming in from unexpected directions, and my family relationships are smoother due to better boundaries and allowing myself to receive, not just give.”  CH, Phoenix AZ.

Want to find out more?  Poke around this site, try them out (while they are still free).  If you’re a female entrepreneur or coach wanting to power-start your practice/business for more clients and your dream life, join our FB group here:  Phoenix Activations.

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