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2am:  thoughts on being ‘normal’

I’ve been working with a strategy coach, and she’s brilliant at what she does.  Under her tutelage, I came up with this help statement:

I help women entrepreneurs who have experienced some success in business but still struggle feeling safe with bigger amounts of money, learn how to heal the ROOT reasons why they aren’t hitting their next income goal (no matter how much time and effort they spend on marketing) and do the deeper healing work on a quantum level that allows their secret dream income (5-10K per month) to finally feel realistic and possible this year.

Doesn’t that sound a bit, well, conventional?  Yes, it ticks all the boxes — addresses pain points, offers specific goals and all that — but as another coach/friend said to me:  what lights YOU up?  Make your offers from that place, and those who resonate with that energy will naturally want to learn more, and will want to work with YOU rather than a more ‘normal’ or generic coach.

So here is my new ‘help statement’:

I help women entrepreneurs and coaches clear the subconscious patterns that block their true purpose and opulence so that they can LIGHT UP as who they truly are and attract/create from there, leaping with ease to their next level. My job is to help YOU rise from the ashes and activate the excellence and genius within!

What do you think?  Does your very soul jump up and down saying “YES!  I want to be ME — the ME I was designed to be!  Enough of these doubts and hesitations, fears of failure or success or poverty or being seen as weird!  There is excellence in me and I want to live THERE!”

If this speaks to you, you know where to find me:

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