About Dr. Kyre Adept

Here is a brief picture of who you’re dealing with…

If I say so myself, my work presents a fun and fabulous combination of intelligence, humor, and Activations to bring you back to your original programming. With a doctorate in esoteric studies, 25 years of Geotran (the language of all possibilities), 20 years of coaching expertise, a powerful intuition, and a profound interest in sacred geometry, I am uniquely placed to bring up YOUR energy to where you can truly flourish! And the truly exciting part is that I work with dragons, and have just downloaded an entirely new body of work to open up the energy pathways, both in the inner bio-computers and all the Gates and Channels in Human Design. Woohoo!

At this time (autumn 2022), I am spending time equally between the Midwest and central France.  I work with North American, Brazilian, and European clients by Zoom… so if you’re American, you’ll have to set up appointments first thing in the morning because EST is six hours behind CET (Central European Time), while PST is nine hours behind!   Because I have separate phones for each location, it’s really better to get in touch by email and/or to use the contact form below.

In the USA
Location:   723 South Broadway, Urbana-Champaign IL 61801
Mobile:     +1 805.440.5573 — also available by WhatsAppp

In France
Location:   Residence de l’Amirauté, 03200 Vichy, France
Mobile:     +33 06 89 50 10 00

Email:        drkyreadept@gmail.com
Zoom:        https://zoom.us/j/6451873169