Abundance by (Human) Design

Abundance by (Human) Design

Some years ago, I read a book called Abundance by Design; the author is Karen Curry Parker, a well-known Human Design analyst/writer/teacher. (If you’ve never heard of Human Design, look at the HD section on this website, or go to jovianarchive.com. Basically, Human Design combines the hexagrams of the I Ching with the planetary placements of astrology and other energy systems to yield an astonishingly accurate map of your unique inner circuitry. I’ve been looking at HD for 20 years, not least because it goes so well with Geotran. In fact, my teacher Dorothy, the creator of Geotran, first brought Human Design to my attention.)

More recently, the online course Money Cartography by Becca Frances opened my eyes to a much more profound (and fun!) way of using Human Design and the associated opus Gene Keys to really, really open up the Prosperity markers in Human Design.  Now, we know that Human Design relies the planetary positions that define (or light up) certain Gates;  when a specific Gate is defined on each side of a particular Channel, then the Channel is also defined AND the Center on each side also lights up.  The defined Centers tell you your Type and Authority:  that is, what kind of person/purpose you have, and where your guidance system lies.

Overall, your Human Design chart is  your circuit diagram, showing you where the energy flows freely and reliably, through the defined Gates, Channels, and Centers. Where you don’t have definition, where your Centers are NOT colored in your chart, then you are attracted or susceptible to other people with definition you lack.  This doesn’t mean that you are deficient in any way, just that in the undefined spaces you get to learn and acquire wisdom from others.  So… where you are defined, you can lean into that reliable energy, and where you are undefined you can observe and make choices around what others show you.

That gives us a lot to work with in terms of HOW to use your innate circuitry in order to align with the natural prosperity the Universe/Spirit has for you.  There are four major perspectives we can use, and of course they are equally useful — like different dialects of the same language:

Karen Curry Parker is primarily focused on abundance through Types and Authority.  Read more about that HERE.

Becca Frances speaks more about Gates in the G Center and Channels that are prosperity markers, although she also discusses Types and Authorities.  Click HERE for more than that.

Gene Keys adds to our understanding of the Gates through their specific Gifts and Siddhis, shadows and victim states.  Richard Rudd has written a number of books on this very topic, but you can find a precis of his underlying principles HERE.

The fourth tool is the unique Gate Activations that I have created in the last few months.  Yup, for the first time we can actually define Gates and allow the energy to flow through the circuits, creating or reinforcing the Channels that relate directly to increased prosperity.  For more details, look HERE.

As you can imagine, I can talk about this topic for hours.  I don’t want to try your patience (unless you have the 9-52 Channel of Concentration like me), so browse around and see what speaks to you.  Of course, I love to teach, coach, and mentor, so contact me directly for an Abundance Activations session!