Dragon SuperResets

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Let’s look at SuperResets…

Integrations create alignment between you and your goals.

Activations upgrade your inner computers.

SuperActivations go into the Void and bring your goals, dreams, and desires into form.

SUPER-RESETS reharmonize and rebalance all aspects of your life and inner bio-computers at the same time.  Sometimes in Geotran (and certainly with the dragons) we ask for the integration or activation or clearing to go to “all levels, zones, times, dimensions, realms and realities, all facets and vibrations” and so on.  These concepts are the basis of the ten Dragon SuperResets.

01 Elements SuperReset:  this relates to the spiritual aspects of the elements we see in Traditional Chinese Elements (TCM).  These are the usual five elements:  fire, earth, water, metal, and wood.  There are also five ‘spiritual’ elements of air, benign, glorified, peculiar, and serendipity.

02 Facets SuperReset:   My teacher Dorothy Espiau always said that within each person is a crystal with facets, and a large part of our work with Geotran is cleaning off the facets so that the Light of God/Spirit can shine through the facets and spray rainbows around the room.  This one resets all those facets at the same time.

03 Colors SuperReset:  Every color has a frequency or vibration or wavelength, and specific colors are related to (for example) the chakras or energy centers in Human Design.  Part of what makes us human is having our HUES fully available.

04 Vibrations SuperReset:  As Einstein said, ‘Everything is vibration.’   We attract less by our thoughts, feelings, beliefs or even desires, and more by the vibration that we encourage, tolerate or allow at any given time.

05 Realities SuperReset:  As humans, we blithely assume that we live in reality.  Which reality?  We can see from politics alone that there are many realities, but that is also a superficial understanding of reality.  Just as there are many dimensions, we experience many realities simultaneously. This SuperReset brings improved alignment between the realities.

06 Dimensions SuperReset: We each live in multiple dimensions, and it frequently happens that the person in THIS dimension is the proxy or showing symptoms from issues in other dimensions.  It can therefore be very useful to reconnect or reharmonize these various dimensions so that there can be clear flow of energies to all dimensions.

07 Zones SuperReset:  A Zone is the place where you thrive, such as the Joy Zone, or the Miracle Zone.  Typically, people have one major zone although we can also have minor Zones where we can also play from time to time.  It’s advantageous to have openings between the Zones, just for extra support!

08 Realms SuperReset:  Just as we function in multiple realities and Zones, there are also numerous ‘realms’ in which our various lives play out silmultaneously.  At a human level, we can see this at home, with our families, at work, in our friendships and neighborhoods.  So, too, there are various spaces that identify as realms in the energy fields.

09 Times SuperReset:  Many people working in these energy fields talk about different timelines, about jumping timelines, about living in multiple timelines at the same ‘time’ — time being much more fluid than most of us realize.  This SuperReset can reharmonize and reintegrate multiple timelines for more clarity and coherence.

10 Levels SuperReset:  As an adherent of Spiral Dynamics, I am very interested in ‘level’, meaning energies of more complexity and depth of awareness — even if we are looking at the same apparent circumstances.  This SuperReset helps to reharmonize all the levels at once.

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