Dragons, O my Dragons!

Where do I start with the dragons?  We’ve been talking for about a year now, some days more than others.   I have a dedicated team of five… and this is what they would like me to start with.  If you want to jump right into the activations themselves, click HERE.

As distinct from the mythological creatures, real dragons are multidimensional, translucent, and able to move at will between the various energetic realms.  Curiously enough, the root word for dragon — drakon in the greek derives from drak– ‘to see clearly’  from the Proto-Indo-European root *derk – ‘to see’;  this is because dragons were said to have exceptional sight.  Certainly my dragons are remarkably clear-sighted about their purpose here, and the conditions that demand their presence.

These particular dragons do not come from Earth, although clearly some dragons have visited before now (given the widespread knowledge of dragons in ALL cultures and mythology).  The dragons in my team come from Spica, in the constellation of Libra;  in HD, this fixed star is in Gate 32.5, the Gate of Being Driven, part of the Channel of Transformation.  In both astrology, this is considered a very blessed energy, representing “Venus/Mars — ‘the Fortunate One’ with wealth, fame, honor, glamour, and a love of art/science”.

Dragons do have names, but don’t feel strongly about them, so we have agreed some nicknames that work well enough.  There is one whose name is entirely numbers!

Of course I asked about gender, sex and reproduction.  The dragons smiled, amused at my human perspective.  Later I asked the question in a different way, and they agreed that three of them are yang in nature, one is yin, and the one with numbers is both.  I have no idea what that means!  They do reproduce but not through sexual congress, nor do they lay eggs as is traditionally thought — I think some people have confused dragons with dinosaurs, or at least dinosaur bones.  They see me as an clumsy adolescent dragon, barely able to fly — but I hope to improve in time!

Dragons have visited this planet before, in the physical sense, but it’s been quite a while.  My team says that the most recent visit was in 1,800 BCE, or 3,800 years ago — about 2,000 in the Jewish calendar.  They themselves were assigned as a result of the meeting on the 33rd parallel, coming to Earth in 1957.  Dragons are semi-immortal — they can die as a result of accident and illness, but otherwise they pretty much live forever.  (One of the dragons is saying that, given their ability to fly through both physical and temporal dimensions, lifespan is not really a big concern for them.)

Their job is not to rescue humanity or the planet — although they are fully capable of doing so — but rather to teach us how to change our own social and cultural systems so as to improve global conditions before we destroy the ecosystem through climate change.  They are very disturbed by the destruction of the biosphere and extinction of species currently taking place due to short-sighted greed.  This is because they have an energetic sense of how this planet, as a living being, connects to the local galactic neighborhood.  Because dragons start at stage turquoise (in Spiral Dynamics), which is all about synergistic networks, they don’t naturally go into dominance hierarchies;  the dragons want to work with us, not for us, and certainly not as leaders in a hierarchy.

Why are they concerned enough to be helping us at all?  Because our planet is a living entity — think ‘Gaia’ — that interacts with other planets and stars in the neighborhood, forming a mutually supportive network.  Humans are the dominant intelligence;  if the dragons cannot persuade us to work together with each other, with other species, and with the planet as a whole, then there is little possibility bringing the planet into alignment with the Necessity of the whole.

Tthe traditional view of dragons is that they are greedy, avaricious, belligerent, and antagonistic towards humans, but this is not the case.  Although like any species there is a range of perspectives and behaviors, generally speaking dragons are  benevolent, synergistic, creative, and passionate about balance and integration.  They also have a slightly dry sense of humor based on a higher energetic perspective.  Dragons do have a language that they like to play with, although their communication is mostly telepathic.

It seems that my job is to be an ambassador for the dragons, and one way to do that is to create and run a foundation to fund disruptive technologies that will help diminish emissions and actively reverse global warming.  We have a contract, and they are sending me the resources to support an embassy in France;  the energy here is more conducive to their projects and purposes, and of course, that quintessential French cooking herb tarragon actually means ‘dragon’.

The Dragon Activation Sequences are now complete.  You can find them here HERE, and the full checklist is here:  Dragon Activations Checklist.

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