Dragons #10: Intelligence Sequence

Dragon Activations #10:  the Intelligence Sequence

All the Dragon Activations come directly from the five dragons I work with — those who are here to assist us in reaching higher frequencies so that we can save the planet.  These  Sequences give you access to dimensions where the dragons live, breathe, and have their being — to places and timelines that are not normally accessible to our human awareness, especially the ninth dimension.

Sequence #10 is all about amplifying your innate intelligence, on all levels.  As humans in a rational-scientific culture, we have been trained to believe that our thoughts, thinking, reason and logic are the drivers of our forward direction.  We also tend to believe that intelligence is about having a quick intellect, or the ability to analyze and calculate mentally.  My teacher Dorothy Espiau, the creator of Geotran, says this:

  • The Glory of God is intelligence, which is truth and light.

  • Above every glory is a higher glory, therefore…

  • Above every truth is a higher truth;  above every light is a higher life.

In Geotran, we see the truth as being your records, which are recorded in your very cells.  You need the light of God or Spirit to read those records.  Those two — records and divine light — create your intelligence at whatever level your container will allow.  The dragons see things from a higher perspective;  when it comes to intelligence, we definitely want to align with that higher truth and light.

As a pretest, it’s worth asking yourself these questions, bearing in mind that intelligence is truth+light:

  •  What percent of my physical intelligence do I have access to?

  •  What percent of my emotional intelligence do I have access to?

  •  What percent of my intellectual intelligence do I have access to?

  •  What percent of my ‘will body‘ intelligence do I have access to?  This is about obedience to your own divine blueprint.

  •  What percent of my spiritual intelligence do I have access to?

After you have done the Sequence, check to see how those percentages have shifted.

The Intelligence Sequence is a ‘super-activation’ consisting of five separate-but-linked Dragon Activations that are based on sacred geometries.  By doing these Activations in order, we are able to uncover deeper and deeper layers of that divine intelligence in multiple dimensions of the etheric, spiritual, and quantum fields.

In the Intelligence Sequence, the names are based on non-colors.  The dragons themselves are semi-translucent, and can see a much wider range of color frequencies than humans.  They also have direct perception of electrical and magnetic fields, and particularly enjoy the equivalent of the northern lights.

I have included full instructions so that those less familiar with Geotran can follow along more completely.  In the fullness of time, I will put these Dragon Activations together as an on-demand course, but in the meantime I’m a great believer in rewarding those with initiative;  that means, if you found this page, you can use these Dragon Activations while they are still available for free!

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