Dragons #12: Gratitude Sequence

Dragon Activations #12:   the Gratitude Sequence

This is the final Dragon Sequence for the moment.

These Dragon Activations come directly from the five dragons I work with.  This team exists in the physical and nonphysical realms;  they are here to assist us in reaching higher frequencies so that we can save the planet.  These Dragon Sequences give you access to dimensions where the dragons live, breathe, and have their being — to places and timelines that are not normally accessible to our human awareness, especially the ninth dimension.

The Gratitude Sequence is about resetting and amplifying the energy of grace, gratitude and power in your field, at all levels.  We all live in multiple levels, zones, times, dimensions, realms and realities at any given time — and multiple timelines as well.  The marvelous thing about the dragons is that they can play in all those levels, zones, times, etc., at the same time, in a holistic synergy.  This is what enables them to talk to us.  Like humans, the dragons are designed to give, help, serve, teach, and allow in alignment with what we would call our divine blueprints, and what the dragons (and Doris Lessing) call divine Necessity.

This super-activation will expand that grace — what my teacher Dorothy Espiau calls “the pleasure God taken in seeing His/Her children able to receive”.   This IS the Power of God/Spirit.  And by receiving and exercising that power and grace, we fall into amplified gratitude… which leads to more grace and more power.  By doing these Activations in order, we get to expand those grace, power, and gratitude in multiple dimensions of the etheric, spiritual, and quantum fields.

In the Gratitude Sequence, each Activation is described by one of the five elements:  air, earth, fire, metal, and water.  In human cultures and mythology — especially Chinese traditions — there are dragons associated with each of these elements.  (Of course in traditional Chinese medicine, the fifth element is wood, but the concept of a wooden dragon just doesn’t make sense!)  So here we go:

I have included full instructions so that those less familiar with Geotran can follow along more completely.  In the fullness of time, I will put these Dragon Activations together as an on-demand course, but in the meantime I’m a great believer in rewarding those with initiative;  that means, if you found this page, you can use these Dragon Activations while they are still available for free!

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