Dragons #7: Illumination Sequence

Dragon Activations #7:  the Illumination Sequence

All the Dragon Activations come directly from  five dragons who are here to assist us in reaching higher frequencies so that we can save the planet.  These  Sequences give you access to dimensions where the dragons live, breathe, and have their being — to places and timelines that are not normally accessible to our human awareness, especially the ninth dimension.

Sequence #7 is called the Illumination Sequence because it’s all about amplifying the light throughout the electromagnetic field, the field that stores all actual and potential information and energy.  “The Glory of God is intelligence, and intelligence is truth and light;  above every glory is a higher glory, which means above every light is a higher light, and above truth is a higher truth.”  The Illumination Sequence is designed to bring in that higher light, so that you can enjoy higher intelligence (and higher glory).

The Illumination Sequence is a ‘super-activation’ consisting of five separate-but-linked Dragon Activations that are based on sacred geometries.  By doing these Activations in order, we are able to  create more illumination throughout multiple dimensions of the etheric, spiritual, and quantum fields.  The end result is the ability to amplify your ability to see, hear, or feel your own truth and intelligence.   In order to read, hear, see, sense and KNOW what is there for you in the field, you probably need more light.   This will illuminate your own records so that you can ‘read’ them more cleanly and clearly.

In the Illumination Sequence, the names refer to colors rather than names as such.  The dragons have an innate delight in colors, able to discern colors and frequencies well beyond the range of human vision:

I have included fuller instructions so that those less familiar with Geotran can follow along more completely.  In the fullness of time, I will put these Dragon Activations together as an on-demand course, but in the meantime I’m a great believer in rewarding those with initiative;  that means, if you found this page, you can use these Dragon Activations while they are still available for free!

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