Dragons #1: Opulence Sequence

Dragon Activations #1:  the Opulence Sequence

All the Dragon Activations come directly from the five dragons I work with who are here to assist us in reaching higher frequencies so that we can save the planet.  This Sequence gives you access to dimensions where the dragons live, to places and timelines that are not normally accessible to our human awareness.

This particular Sequence is about OPULENCE, which is one of the five Spirits of Wealth.  Opulence is about more than money;  it’s having more than enough, it’s being rich enough to be a philanthropist.  You can also get into alignment with the Spirit of Opulence using a Geotran Clearing, and/or with the Phoenix Activation for Opulence;  however, this series of Dragon Activations brings in that Opulence in a more profound way, all the way up to the ninth dimension.

The Opulence Sequence is a ‘super-activation’ consisting of five separate-but-linked Dragon Activations that are based on sacred geometries.  By doing these Activations meticulously, in order, we can clear major blockages and create alignment with that Opulence throughout multiple dimensions of the etheric, spiritual, and quantum fields.

Here is the Opulence Sequence:

I have added fuller instructions so that those less familiar with Geotran can follow along more completely.  In the fullness of time, I will put these Dragon Activations together as an on-demand course, but in the meantime I’m a great believer in rewarding those with initiative!

If you’re ready for a guided process, contact me here: