Glory Activations #5: the Miracle Sequence

Finally:  the Miracle Sequence!

Like everyone else, I’ve been working on the 3D plane, because that is what we all know and sense.  This is where TIME is such a central part of our creation experience.  We constantly believe or persuade ourselves that time and timing are necessary to ask, allow, accept, and receive what we desire.

What if that were not the case in the higher dimensions?  What if we could step outside those perceived limitations and create miraculous health, wealth, wisdom right HERE+NOW?  Two things come to my mind:  that we would be super-careful about what we ask for, and we would make sure the container is big enough to receive it!

Every Glory Activation Sequence is composed of TEN Glory Activations, and each Activation consists of 15 sacred geometries.  Each Sequence or ‘super-activation’ takes you to the 12th dimension.  With this fifth and final sequence, we are bringing in MIRACLES, or instantaneous blessings and desires. You know the expression “be careful what you ask for”.  That applies here even more than elsewhere!

Here are the ten Glory Activations of the Miracle Sequence;  sometimes it will check for you to do one or more as stand-alone Activations, but in general it’s best to do all ten in the order below:

1.    Exceptional Glory Activation
2.    Extraordinary Glory Activation
3.    Magical Glory Activation
4.    Marvelous Glory Activation
5.    Miraculous Glory Activation
6.    Numinous Glory Activation
7.    Phenomenal Glory Activation
8.    Spectacular Glory Activation
9.    Supernal Glory Activation
10.  Wondrous Glory Activation

Have fun as you experiment and let me know how you get on!  Contact me here with your questions, or when you’re ready for a personal session: