Glory Activations #4: the Generosity Sequence

Set #4 of the Glory Activations is the Generosity Sequence!

All the Glory Activation Sequences are composed of TEN Glory Activations, and each Activation consists of 15 sacred geometries.  Each Sequence or ‘super-activation’ takes you to the 10th dimension.  The Generosity Sequence amplifies, magnifies, intensifies and glorifies your natural connection to the generosity of the Universe.  My teacher Dorothy Espiau always said that “God lives to give, and gives to live”, and that is part of our divine inheritance.

Here are the ten Glory Activations of the Generosity Sequence:

1.    Abundant Glory Activation
2.    Beneficent Glory Activation
3.    Bountiful Glory Activation
4.    Copious Glory Activation
5.    Extravagant Glory Activation
6.    Generous Glory Activation
7.    Magnanimous Glory Activation
8.    Opulent Glory Activation
9.    Profusive Glory Activation
10.  Prolific Glory Activation

Try out the whole Sequence and let me know what results you perceive!  Contact me here with your questions, or if you’re ready for a personal session: