Glory Activations #2: the Wisdom Sequence

And now:  the Wisdom Sequence!

Every Glory Activation Sequence is composed of TEN Glory Activations, while each Activation consists of 15 sacred geometries.  Each Sequence or ‘super-activation’ takes you to the 10th dimension.  With this second sequence, we seek to amplify, magnify, intensify, and glorify WISDOM — in human terms, this means Sophia, the Daughter of God, embodiment of the divine feminine.

Here are the ten Glory Activations of the Wisdom Sequence;  from time to time it may check for you to do one or more as free-standing Activations, but in general it’s best to do all ten in the order below:

1.    Chartreuse Glory Activation
2.    Lime Green Glory Activation
3.    Spring Green Glory Activation
4.    Sea Green Glory Activation
5.    Aquamarine Glory Activation
6.    Cyan Glory Activation
7.    Teal Glory Activation
8.    Turquoise Dragon Activation
9.    Royal Blue Glory Activation
10.  Midnight Blue Glory Activation

Even Wisdom can be lighthearted, so have fun as you experiment and let me know how you get on!  Contact me here with your questions, or if you desire a personal session: