Gate Activations for Wealth

Channels for Prosperity and Wealth

What if you could open up the Gates that define your Wealth Channels, allowing energy to flow through them?  Well, now you can!

According to those most familiar with Human Design and Gene Keys, the most significant gates for prosperity are Gate 45 in the Throat Center and Gate 21 in the Ego or Will Center.  Together these create the Channel of the Material World, also called the Money Line.  My personality (conscious) Sun is in Gate 45.3, so this really caught my attention!  My Gate 21 is undefined, so I believed that I could only have reliable prosperity if I spent time with someone with a defined Gate 21, or when that Gate is defined by transit.  What I’m finding is that using these Gate Activations acts in a similar way to a transit.  Now, depending on which planet is in transit, the transit period will differ;  from our perspective, the outer planets move through the Gates much more slowly than the inner ones, and the Moon is the quickest of all, going all 64 gates in 28 days.

So, if one or the other of these Gates (or both) is undefined, experiment with activating the undefined Gate(s) with the following:

Gate 45 Activation — Gate of the Gatherer or Money Steward (Throat Center)
Gate 21 Activation — the Gate of the Hunter or Resource Manager (Ego Center)
Together these create the 21-45 Channel of Money.

The other main money Channel is formed by Gate 39 in the Root Center, and Gate 55 in the Solar Plexus.  This is the Channel of Moodiness, but it’s also about manifestation — not through logic, but through alignment.

Gate 39 Activation — the Gate of the Provocateur, provoking us into action
Gate 55 Activation — the Gate of Spirit wants to us move beyond drama around money
Together these create the 39-55 Channel of Emoting.

These and other Activations are part of my newly-minted Activated Abundance Program, combining prosperity coaching with…

If you are sufficiently familiar with Human Design, by all means try out these Gate Activations — and let me know how it feels.  If you prefer a guided process, I invite you to contact me for an Activation Session.