HD Abundance Activations

How can we activate YOUR Abundance?

I’m so glad you asked me that, because this is the unique and original work I’ve been looking for these ten years at least!

You see, Geotran is used to clear and integrate the meridians and inner bio-computers that then create or attract your life conditions.  If we can release the flow of energy in the etheric body, and thereby affect the physical body using Geotran points, numbers, and geometries, then we can also use similar tools — in this case sacred geometry — to open up Human Design Gates, and therefore their related Channels.  Once I got this idea in my mind — thank you, dragons — I sat down and methodically worked out the geometries required to activate specific HD Gates, starting with those relating to your natural alignment with prosperity and abundance.   And because I always like having the full set, I continued until I had an Activation for all 64 Gates and 36 Channels.

So how does this work?  Well, let’s take my own chart:

Do you see that my Personality or conscious Sun is in Gate 45.3?  That’s the black line coming out of the brown square of the Throat Center.  Now, the Sun position is 70% of one’s personality energy, and  45 is the Gate of Gathering.  In Gene Keys, the conscious Sun represents one’s brand, the way you align with and attract other people.  the personality Gate 45 has the Gift of Synergy, the shadow is dominance, and this placement tends to be the victim of poverty consciousness because Gate 45 represents making sure the community is looked after with material substance.

Gate 45 is half of the Channel of Manifestation, also known as the Money Line.  Obviously, it would be great to have that fully functional, right?  But I have no placements in Gate 21, neither conscious (the black lines) nor unconscious (the red lines).  In the past, there were two ways to define that missing Gate and get energy flowing in that Channel:  by transit, or by spending time with those who  have a defined Gate 21.  The good news is that now we have a third way:  I can use the Gate 21 Activation to define that channel and also define the Ego/Will Center (which would be a g00d thing in itself, considering I have no willpower when it comes to chocolate).

What is a Gate Activation?  As with Geotran, we use a pretest to establish if the person requires the Activation — this tells the system that something is amiss in the programming.  Then we show the person a series of sacred geometries in a specific order;  the energy of these geometries re-aligns, resets, and activates the specified Gate.  Then we do post tests to tell the person’s system that a change has been made, and they no longer need to use the previous programming or setting.   Then we make sure to SEAL the work — like pressing the SAVE key.  We can also check how long the activation is likely to work — in this respect, it is more like a transit than a natal definition.

Once we’ve switched on the relevant Gates, there are two basic ways to follow up depending on your variables (the arrows at the top of the chart):

1.  For those of us with a receptive style of manifestation like me, we get to relax, imagination, visualize (or smell or taste) our goodies coming in, and just receive, receive, receive.

2.  For those with an active manifestation style, you get to listen for the action steps that will take you closer to what you desire.

If Abundance is on your radar, we can look at your chart and activate or define every single Gate that relates to prosperity, starting with 45-21 and 39-55, and continuing with the Gates of the G Center (because your prosperity has a LOT to do with your self-esteem, love, and direction, which are the issues of the G Center).  We can also check your chart intuitively and find out what other Gate Activations will help you be more ‘healthy, wealthy, and wise’.

As my dragons say, it’s less about technique and more about alignment.  If you’d like some help with that alignment, you know whom to contact!