Human Design Consultations

Need some help in your exploration of Human Design?

I find HD fascinatingly accurate and detailed, and I love helping people get a glimpse of Human Design in general and their Rave Charts in particular… especially to do with Abundance from a Gene Keys perspective.  Plus, in 2022 I created an Activation for each of the 64 HD Gates — yes, we CAN change the energy of your circuitry!

Here are the possibilities…

$44:  Basic technical 13-page Rave Report

$121:  Rave Report plus Variables and suggested HD Gate Activations

$188:  one-hour personal consultation, including detailed Rave Report and HD Gate activations

$333:  advanced report, 90 minute zoom consultation with Abundance and HD Gate Activations

$699:  Family reading:  two parents, 2-3 children, personalized chart for each person, zoom consultation.

$999:  HD for Coaches:  six-week group course in using Human Design to help your coaching clients

If this interests you, send an email to, and we’ll set up a zoom call.  Make sure to mention your time zone.  Oh, and I’ll need your

  • Name

  • Birthdate

  • Birth time, including am or pm

  • Birthplace

I accept cash, checks, PayPal, Visa/Mastercard, or Venmo, plus direct deposit using Zelle.

For online payments, click here — and please leave a note so I know what you’re paying for!


Let the fun begin!