HD Ajna Center

Human Design — the Ajna Center

When you look at the Human Design Chart, you’ll notice that the Ajna Center is the point-down triangle below the Head Center.  If yours is defined or colored in, then you are great at new concepts and structures.  If it’s blank or white, then even if you have defined Gates, the Ajna Center itself is undefined.  If you have no defined Gates at all, then your Ajna Center is ‘open’.   Some 47% of humans have defined Ajna Centers, so chances are even that your Ajna Center is undefined… and that means you spend a lot of time pretending to be certain.

The core issue for an undefined Ajna:  Am I trying to convince everyone that I am certain?

There are six Gates in the Ajna Center, and the three on the top connect to the Head Center:

Gate 47 Activation:  Realization in the Ajna Center
Gate 64 Activation:  Confusion, abstract thinking in the Head Center
These create the 47-64 Channel of Abstraction, or finding solutions.

Gate 4 Activation:  Formulation in the Ajna Center
Gate 63 Activation:  Doubt in the Head Center
This creates the 4-63 Channel of Logic or Reason.

Gate 24 Activation:  Rationalization in the Ajna Center
Gate 61 Activation:  Mystery in the Head Center
Together, this creates the 24-61 Channel of Mindfulness.

Of the six Ajna Gates, the lower three connect to the Throat Center:

Gate 11 Activation: Ideas in the Ajna Center
Gate 56 Activation: Gate of Keeping Still in the Throat Center
These create the 11-56 Channel of Curiosity.

Gate 17 Activation: Caution in the Ajna Center
Gate 62 Activation: Gate of Opening in the Throat Center
This creates the 17-62 Channel of Acceptance.

And my personal favorite, which in my chart is defined by both North and South Nodes:

Gate 23 Activation: Assimilation in the Throat Center
Gate 43 Activation: Illumination in the Ajna Center
Creating the 23-43 Channel of Illumination, also known as Genius/Freak.