HD Ego/Will Center

Human Design – Heart, Ego or Will Center

Self-value, self-worth, and will-power — these are the issues of the Center called the Heart, the Ego, or the Will Center.  Only 12.5% of humans have a defined Will Center… which explains the failure of diets, and the success of tyrants.  For the undefined will, the main issue is lack of self-esteem, or looking to others for approval.

The main question for the undefined Will:  Do I think I have something to prove?

There are only four Gates in the Ego Center, and one of them is crucial for abundance — Gate 21 connecting to Gate 45:

Gate 21 Activation:  the Gate of the Hunter or Resource Manager (Ego Center)
Gate 45 Activation:  Gate of the Gatherer or Money Steward (Throat Center)
Together these create the 21-45 Channel of Money.

Gate 26 Activation:  the Egoist in the Ego Center
Gate 44 Activation:   Vigilance in the Spleen Center
This creates the 26-44 Channel of Change, working with people to sell your ideas.

Gate 37 Activation:  the Family in the Ego Center
Gate 40 Activation:  Deliverance in the Solar Plexus Center
These create the 37-40 Channel of Community.

Gate 51 Activation:  Shock, awakening others through boldness and taking risks. (Ego Center)
Gate 25 Activation:  Love of Spirit (G Center)
Together this creates the 25-51 Channel of Initiation, so you can become your best you.

Which do you require?  What would strengthen your will power and self-esteem?  What Gate (if any) would ‘heal’ a split in your definition?

If you are familiar with Human Design + Gene Keys, by all means check your Rave Chart and use these Gate Activations (while they are still free).  If it looks too complicated, or you have questions, or you just want help with the process, contact me for a private session.