HD Head Center

The Head Center in Human Design

When you look at the Human Design Chart, you’ll notice that the Head Center is the top triangle.  If yours is defined or colored in, then ‘new ideas’ is your watchword.  If it’s blank or white, then even if you have defined Gates, the Head Center itself is undefined.  If you have no defined Gates at all, then your Head Center is ‘open’.   Only 30% of humans have defined Head Centers, so chances are your Head Center is undefined… and that means you probably spend a lot of time with questions that aren’t really useful and certainly not your job.

The core issue for you is:  Am I trying to answer everybody else’s questions?

The Head Center only has three Gates;  check which you might require to define a Channel that is useful to you.

Gate 64 Activation:  Confusion, abstract thinking in the Head Center
Gate 47 Activation:  Realization in the Ajna Center
These create the 47-64 Channel of Abstraction, or finding solutions.

Gate 63 Activation:  Doubt in the Head Center
Gate 4 Activation:  Formulation in the Ajna Center
This creates the 4-63 Channel of Logic or Reason.

Gate 61 Activation:  Mystery in the Head Center
Gate 24 Activation:  Rationalization in the Ajna Center
Together, this creates the 24-61 Channel of Mindfulness.