HD Root Center

Human Design — the Root Center

In the Human Design Chart, the Root Center is at the bottom center.  If yours is defined or colored in, you have the energy responsible for energizing your body through your adrenal system.  The Root Center initiates being, providing the powerful energy that demands we live a physical life and evolve.  If it’s blank or white, then even if you have defined Gates, the Root Center itself is undefined.  If you have no defined Gates at all, then your Sacral Center is ‘open’.   Approximately 60% of the population have a defined Root, projecting their innate pulse and pressure;  those with an undefined Root Center tend to feel pressured by others.

The core issue for an undefined Root:  Am I in a hurry to get things done so I can be free of pressure?

There are nine Gates in the Root Center:  the three on the right connect to the Solar Plexus Center:

Gate 49 Activation:  Principles in the Root Center
Gate 19 Activation:  Need/Approaching in the Solar Plexus Center
This creates the 19-49 Channel of Synthesis/Being Sensitive.

Gate 39 Activation:  the Gate of the Provocateur, provoking us into action (Root Center)
Gate 55 Activation:  the Gate of Spirit wants to us move beyond drama around money
 (Solar Plexus)
Together these create the 39-55 Channel of Emoting.

Gate 41 Activation:  Decrease in the Root Center
Gate 30 Activation:  Clinging Fire in the Solar Plexus Center
These create the 30-41 Channel of Recognition.

Three Gates connect to the Sacral Center:

Gate 42 Activation:  Increase in the Sacral Center
Gate 53 Activation:  Gradual Progress in the Root Center
This creates the 42-53 Channel of Ripening.

Gate 3 Activation:  Ordering in the Sacral Center
Gate 60 Activation:  Acceptance in the Root Center
These create the 3-60 Channel of Mutation.

Gate 9 Activation:  Taming Power of the Small in the Sacral Center
Gate 52 Activation:  Gate of Keeping Still in the Root Center
Creating the 9-52 Channel of Concentration.

The final three Gates connect to the Spleen Center:

Gate 54 Activation:  Marrying Maiden / Ambition in the Root Center
Gate 32 Activation:  Duration in the Spleen Center
These create the 32-54 Channel of Transformation.

Gate 38 Activation:  Opposition in the Root Center
Gate 28 Activation:  Preponderance of the Great in the Spleen Center
This creates the 28-38 Channel of Struggle.

Gate 58 Activation:  Gate of Aliveness in the Root Center
Gate 18 Activation:  Correction in the Spleen Center
Creating the 18-58 Channel of Judgement.

Which do you require?  What would strengthen your focus and groundedness?  What Gate (if any) would ‘heal’ a split in your definition?

If you are familiar with Human Design + Gene Keys, I encourage  you to check your Rave Chart and use these Gate Activations (while they are still free).  If it looks too complicated, or you have questions, or you just want help with the process, contact me for a private session.