HD Solar Plexus

Human Design – Solar Plexus or Emotional Center

The main issues of the Solar Plexus Center are emotions, including passion, romance, sex, and food.  About 47% of humans have a defined Emotional Center, which means half the population doesn’t know their own emotional cycles or desires.  For the undefined will, the main issue is nonspecific empathy, meaning the inability to distinguish between their own feelings and those of others.

The main question for the undefined Solar Plexus:  Am I avoiding confrontation and truth?

Of the seven Gates in the Solar Plexus Center, two Gates connect the Solar Plexus/Emotion Center with the Throat:

Gate 36 Activation:  Darkening of the Light in the Solar Plexus Center
Gate 35 Activation:  Progress in the Throat Center
This creates the 35-36 Channel of Transience.

Gate 22 Activation:  Gate of Opening in the Solar Plexus Center
Gate 12 Activation:  Caution in the Throat Center
These create the 12-22 Channel of Openness.

A single Gate connects the Solar Plexus with the Ego or Will Center, and another Gate connects to the Sacral Center:

Gate 40 Activation:  Deliverance in the Solar Plexus Center
Gate 37 Activation:  the Family in the Ego Center
These create the 37-40 Channel of Com

Gate 6 Activation:  Conflict/Friction in the Solar Plexus Center
Gate 59 Activation:  Intimacy/Sexuality in the Sacral Center
This creates the Channel of 6-59 Channel of Intimacy.

The remaining three Gates connect to the Root Center:

Gate 19 Activation:  Need/Approaching in the Solar Plexus Center
Gate 49 Activation:  Principles in the Root Center
This creates the 19-49 Channel of Synthesis/Being Sensitive.

Gate 55 Activation:  the Gate of Spirit wants to us move beyond drama around money
 (Solar Plexus)
Gate 39 Activation:  the Gate of the Provocateur, provoking us into action (Root Center)
Together these create the 39-55 Channel of Emoting.

Gate 30 Activation:  Clinging Fire in the Solar Plexus Center
Gate 41 Activation:  Decrease in the Root Center
These create the 30-41 Channel of Recognition.

Which do you require?  What would strengthen your emotional intelligence and passion or desire?  What Gate (if any) would ‘heal’ a split in your definition?

If you are familiar with Human Design + Gene Keys, by all means check your Rave Chart and use these Gate Activations (while they are still free).  If it looks too complicated, or you have questions, or you just want help with the process, contact me for a private session.