HD Throat Center

Human Design — the Throat Center

Looking at the Human Design Chart, the Throat Center is the third from the top — the square.  If yours is defined or colored in, then you are an expressive communictor.  If it’s blank or white, then even if you have defined Gates, the Throat Center itself is undefined.  If you have no defined Gates at all, then your Throat Center is ‘open’.   About 70% of humans have defined Ajna Centers, so chances are very good that your Throat is defined;  if not, you’ll always be trying to attract attention, or be greatly influenced (i.e., conditioned) by other, better communicators.

Graphic courtesy of Human Design Australia

The Throat Center is the most active of all the Centers, with eleven Gates.  We’ve already seen that three connect to the Ajna:

Gate 56 Activation: Gate of Keeping Still in the Throat Center
Gate 11 Activation: Ideas in the Ajna Center
These create the 11-56 Channel of Curiosity.

Gate 62 Activation: Gate of Opening in the Throat Center
Gate 17 Activation: Caution in the Ajna Center
This creates the 17-62 Channel of Acceptance.

And my personal favorite, which in my chart is defined by both North and South Nodes:

Gate 23 Activation: Assimilation in the Throat Center
Gate 43 Activation: Illumination in the Ajna Center
Creating the 23-43 Channel of Illumination, also known as Genius/Freak.

Two Gates make four Channels with the Spleen, with one (Gate 20) connecting to the Spleen, Sacral, and G Centers:

Gate 16 Activation:  Skills in the Throat Center
Gate 48 Activation:  Principles in the Spleen Center
Creates the 16-48 Channel of Talent and Manifestation

Gate 20 Activation:  NOW, connecting you with the present as the Voice of Alchemy (Sacral)
Gate 10 Activation:  Self-love (G Center)
This one creates the 10-20 Channel of Awakening, direction, self-esteem and love of life.

Gate 20 Activation:  Contemplation or the Present in the Throat Center
Gate 57 Activation: the Gentle/Intuitive Insight in the Spleen Center
These create the 20-57 Channel of Neural Wave.

Gate 20 Activation:  Contemplation/the Now in the Throat Center
Gate 34 Activation: Power of the Great in the Sacral Center
Creates the 20-34 Channel of Charisma.

And there are three Gates that connect to the G Center:

Gate 8 Activation:  Holding together, or Contribution (Throat Center)
Gate 1 Activation:  Creative Self-expression (G Center)
Together these create the 1-8 Channel of Inspiration.

Gate 31 Activation:  Leadership (Throat Center)
Gate 7 Activation:  The Listener (G Center)
Together, these create the 7-31 Channel of the Alpha.

Gate 33 Activation:  Privacy, reflection on past experiences, able to listen and learn (Throat Center)
Gate 13 Activation:  the Listener: listening to others, like a confessor (G Center)
Together these create the 13-33 Channel of the Prodigal — learning by mistakes.

Two Gates connect the Throat with the Solar Plexus or Emotion Center:

Gate 35 Activation:  Progress in the Throat Center
Gate 36 Activation:  Darkening of the Light in the Solar Plexus Center
This creates the 35-36 Channel of Transience.

Gate 12 Activation:  Caution in the Throat Center
Gate 22 Activation:  Gate of Opening in the Solar Plexus Center
These create the 12-22 Channel of Openness.

Finally, there is a single Gate that connects the Throat with the Heart/Will Center:

Gate 45 Activation:  Gate of the Gatherer or Money Steward (Throat Center
Gate 21 Activation:  the Gate of the Hunter or Resource Manager (Ego Center)
Together these create the 21-45 Channel of Money.

Which do you require?  What would benefit you in terms of Expression? What Gate (if any) would ‘heal’ a split in your definition?

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