Phoenix Activations

Phoenix Activations

Let’s jump straight into the new work — woohoo!

You could say that Phoenix Activations are the equivalent of Geotran Integrations, which are used to clear and, well, integrate your goals in the Big Four bio-computers of Light, Life, Love, and Bliss.  Geotran Integrations also apply to other parts of the human system, as identified by Dorothy Espiau, the creator of Geotran.  Geotran is ‘the language of all possibilities’, using a combination of numbers, points, and geometries to regulate the flow of energy, especially (but not exclusively) in the meridian system or human wiring.

Phoenix Activations use sacred geometries to realign aspects of your inner systems, including eight of the twelve bio-computers we utilize in Geotran.  Therefore, there are two subsets of Phoenix Activations:  those that relate specifically to the inner bio-computers, and those that apply to other parts of the human system.

Phoenix Activations in the Bio-Computers

There are 12 bio-computers in all, and the first four are addressed by Geotran (and I don’t want to run into trouble with their copyright, so…)  Each bio-computer has four corners, and therefore four Integrations or Activations.  With eight extra bio-computers and four Activations per computer, there are 32 Activations that relate specifically to the bio-computers.

Click here to see the list of Geotran Integrations (bio-computers of light, life, love, and bliss) and Phoenix Activations (for the other eight bio-computers):  Phoenix Activations Bio-Computers Expanded.

‘Pure’ Phoenix Activations

In this case, ‘pure’ simply means ‘not correlating to bio-computers’.  These Activations operate on other parts of the human system, or (in some cases) the system as a whole.   For example, this section includes Activations to align you with the five Spirits of Wealth — and we all want those!  Others increase your light, clear various toxic conditions, or reset your gifts.  You can use this list as a checklist to find out what your system desires and requires to operate with ease and grace.

Click here to see the list:  Pure Phoenix Activations Checklist.