Phoenix Activation Sessions

Need help in your exploration of Phoenix Activations?

My clients are just loving these new and unique Activations, and I’ll bet you will, too!  Also, the more we do, the more it affects the overall field;  as you align with your prosperity, it helps everyone around you do the same.

Here are the possibilities…

$60:  Checklists and up to five Activation files

$180:  one-hour personal consultation by Zoom, up to five Activations, follow up files

$300:  two-hour personal consultation by Zoom with all required Phoenix and/or Gate Activations and follow up files

$1,200:  five two-hour consultations by zoom with Geotran, Phoenix and Gate Activations, as many as required, including follow up materials.

If you’d like to light up your empowerment programs and circuits, send an email to, and we’ll set up a video call.  Make sure to mention your time zone — I’m now in CST.  Oh, and I’ll need your

  • Name

  • Birthdate

  • Birth time, including am or pm

  • Birthplace

By the way, I accept cash, checks, PayPal, Visa/Mastercard, or CashApp, plus direct deposit using Zelle.

For online payments, click here — and please leave a note so I know what you’re paying for!


Let the fun begin!