Activating Abundance

Rich as F**k

That’s how we all want to be, right?  It’s also the name of a book by Amanda Frances recommended by Becca Francis (no relation) during our HD Money Cartography course, and it definitely provides both encouragement and tools to align with the prosperity that Spirit has for all of us.

Now I see/hear/feel the combination that will really ACTIVATE your innate abundance, prosperity, and ability to access resources multi-dimensionally:

  1.    Amanda Frances takes our beliefs to a whole new level, while Edwene Gaines shows us how to align with the Four Spiritual Levels of Prosperity;

  2.    We use Geotran to clear past blocks and traumas around money;

  3.    HD Gate Activations allow that energy of receiving to light up in your Human Design circuitry;

  4.    Phoenix Activations for Wealth activate your inner systems to receive;

  5.    The Opulence Sequence — five Dragon Activations — takes you into higher dimensions;

  6.    Dorothy Espiau created the Spirits of Wealth Clearings in Geotran, which we use as a post test.

The result is Activating Abundance at all levels, zones, times, and dimensions, along with your correct frequencies and time lines.

Here are the tools:  use them in the order of priority.

1.   Clear your beliefs.  Subtract all generational and experiential belief in loss, lack or failure, especially vows of poverty — conscious or unconscious, in this life or other lifetimes.  Forgive yourself and others for any bad decisions regarding money and prosperity.  Especially drop any social, cultural, or religious belief that money and wanting money is ‘bad’ or ‘non-spiritual’;  if you are here to do spiritual work, to be an employee of the universe, then you are entitled to the resources to support your purpose in the world.

2.   The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity by Edwene Gaines — my favorite prosperity book ever!  The Four Laws are…

      1.   Tithing — 10% off the top to whomever aids your spiritual education

      2.   Forgiveness — any debt you have is related to unforgiveness

      3.   Your passion/purpose — whatever sets you on fire

      4.   Setting goals:  write ’em down, read them every day, get in alignment!

3.   Rich as F**k by Amanda Frances, showing how to up-level your ability to expect and receive.  I love that Amanda is so right-brained/feminine in her approach.

4.   Here’s another delicious component:  Wealth Activations

      1.   Restitution Activation — restores the Spirit of Restitution multi-dimensionally

      2.   Liberty Activation — restores the Spirit of Liberty multi-dimensionally

      3.   Attraction Activation — restores the Spirit of Attraction multi-dimensionally

      4.   Order Activation — restores the Spirit of Order multi-dimensionally

      5.   Opulence Activation — restores the Spirit of Opulence multi-dimensionally

5.   Bonus:  Dragon Activations!  Humans think of dragons as  hoarders, but that’s a human projection — actually they’re happy to share if you align with them.  There is now an Opulence Sequence — five Dragon Activations that act together as one super-activation to align you with divine resources multi-dimensionally.

6.  We then check that the Activations are fully functional using the Geotran Wealth Checklist 2022.

Are you ready, willing, and able to receive ALL the resources you require to fulfill your purpose and support your life at a truly prosperous level? 

I know it all looks a bit complicated, and that’s why I’ve put all the components together as a complete program.  If this feels right to you, click here for the Activated Abundance Blast-off!

Otherwise, contact me to set up a time to align with your divine wealth!