Human Design for Coaches

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Human Design for Coaches

This is a specialty class for coaches, therapists, and service providers who are curious about Human Design, and who can immediately see how it will help with clients. In this six-week group course, with backup calls and Q+A sessions, you will:

  • Understand more deeply how the different HD components work together.

  • Learn how to explain a basic chart to your client(s), and how to use the client’s chart to coach them better and more efficiently.

  • Test, utilize, and have continuing access to all 64 Gate Activations.

  • Includes a 1:1 session to look specifically at your HD chart, and to see how your human design can improve your coaching or business approach.

Ready to learn and integrate concepts that will really help your clients?  The investment here is $1,500, and in the Cyber Sale it’s $750, or 50% off.


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