This is how we do it!

I help coaches and entrepreneurs release the root causes of why they aren’t hitting their next income goal, and do the deeper healing work on a quantum level — with tools they’ve never used before — so that they can finally break through to their secret dream income.

Are you…

  • An entrepreneur or coach ready for that leap to the next level, consistently and with ease?

  • Ready to feel safe with bigger amounts of money?

  • Tired of internal subconscious roadblocks?

  • Ready to get out of your own way so that you can allow your natural genius and excellence to SHINE… and pass that sparkle on to your clients?

You are SO in the right place! 

Here are three programs that are ONLY being offered at these prices in the December Sale — treat yourself to a new you in the New Year!

1.  Save 33% — RECLAIM + RESET your natural spark of excellence.  Are you a coach currently experiencing a pivot?  It’s time to recall who you are (and make more money as YOU), and reset your business for more clients and income who want to work with your unique vibe.  You will learn how to identify and clear subconscious blocks and beliefs, how to re-align with who you truly are, and how to parlay your genius into deeper work with your clients.  Click here for more program details.

This is the top-level 1:1 consulting experience for the woman ready to double her income in the next quarter.  It’s my $1,500 offering and you can snag one of the few spots available at $1,000 — saving $500+.  Ready to pay in full?  I’ll throw in a two-hour 1:1 session on the topic of your choice ($300 value)  This means a total value of $1,800 for only $1K.  Ready to jump in?  Click HERE to sign up now!

A client said to me just this week: This is the best and most profound coaching I have ever had. I can see my dreams clearly now, I’m happier at work, getting on better with my kids, plus I’ve even started receiving money from unexpected sources.

2.  LIGHT WORKS!  VIP Coaching Deluxe (save 18%).   You’ve tried everything else… put in the work… done clearing after clearing… but need some 1:1 attention and tools you’ve never seen before to FINALLY let go of those subconscious blocks/beliefs and replace them with the right programs FOR YOU so that you can truly step into your genius, help your clients, and make a great leap in your business and income.  This is a three-month commitment;  investment is $6,000, sale price $5,000!

Option 3:  (Save 50%)  HUMAN DESIGN FOR COACHES, a specialty course for coaches, therapists, and service providers who are curious about Human Design, and who can instantly see how it will help you communicate on a deeper level with your clients.  Click here for more details about this six-week group course.  Click HERE for the special sale price.

Yes, payment plans are available!  However, if you can pay in full, upfront, then you’ll get a bonus 1:1 session with moi.  Contact me here to discuss what will work for you: