Double Your Money — woohoo!

Is this you?

  • You work hard and follow your strategies, yet you still find it all a struggle?

  • You’re having some success but don’t quite see how to create your dream level of clients, income, and genius?

  • You KNOW that more abundance is possible but keep coming across inner blocks?

If you’re ready for a New Year with more time, money, and clients, join our upcoming DOUBLE YOUR MONEY, a group program that will amp up your abundance on multiple levels.

There is limited space left in this eight-week program starting in January 2023, including…

  • Weekly modules and Q+A sessions

  • Clearings, integrations, and our unique activations will get you back in alignment with your divine wealth — including new skills and techniques you can use on yourself AND your clients.

  • Activating your wealth and abundance circuits to double your ‘me time’ and your income as you align with your authentic self and design.

  • Bonus theme:  working with your Human Design to expand your field of possibilities.

If you’re ready to be your best self, fully in touch with your own dreams, and make yourself your top priority — so that you can model that for your clients — this may be the program for you.  This intense, value-packed offering normally costs $1,500, and in the December Sale it’s only $1,000. You save $500  — 33%!  Pay in full NOW, and get a BONUS: a two-hour private 1:1 session to activate your Human Design circuits for your full potential (value = $300).

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