Light Me UP!

Ready for some R+R?  It’s Time to Reclaim and Reset your Abundance NOW!

Are you ready, willing, and able to receive ALL the resources you require to fulfill your purpose and support your life at a truly prosperous level? 

  • Are you a coach or other service provider currently experiencing a pivot, and wondering if your new direction will provide the income you desire?

  • Are you tired of hitting those road blocks, no matter how much work you do on yourself?

  • Are you ready to light up your genius so that you can help your own clients more effectively?

Studies agree that only 10% of what we do, think, feel and believe is done conscious.   Hmm… 90% subconscious, 10% conscious — which do you think has more impact?  So, are you ready to identify and clear those subconscious blocks that you haven’t uncovered before because they are buried in your subconscious… and light up spaces with programming that actually supports your dreams and your purpose at a deeper level?  Are you ready to leap to that next level of client attraction and income?

If so, this may be the best investment possible for a more relaxed-yet-opulent future:

  1.    We use Geotran to clear past beliefs, blocks and traumas around money in the subconscious;

  2.   We’ll look at your Human Design Chart to see where you need to clear the shadows.

  3.   We then reinstall the programs that will light you up as YOU!

  4.   We’ll use all our tools (including Activations) to expand your health, wealth, and wisdom.

  5.    You get repositioned to leap to your next level as the fabulous human being that you are designed to be.

Results in the world?  More money, more time with your family and friends, better communication with your clients, and naturally attracting more clients who align with who YOU are!

This is the intense-yet-delicious 1:1 consulting experience for the woman ready to double her income in the next quarter.  It’s my $1,500 offering , and as my midwinter gift, you can snag one of the few spots available at $1,000 — saving $500+.  BONUS:  with payment in full up-front, I’ll happily throw in a BONUS private 1:1 session focusing on your Human Design and how you can leverage it to help in your coaching practice — value = $300.  This means a total value of $1,800 for only $1K — woohoo!  If  you’re ready to make that leap, go to the SHOP to sign up now!