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What’s it all about?

I work with women entrepreneurs and coaches clear the subconscious patterns that block their true purpose and opulence so that they can LIGHT UP as who they truly are and attract/create from there, leaping with ease to their next level. My job is to help YOU rise from the ashes and activate the excellence and genius within!

And I do this using …

What the heck are ACTIVATIONS?

Activations are a brand-new technique created by moi, Dr. Kyre Adept.  I started with ways to switch on your Human Design Gates, and then ‘heard’ additional Phoenix Activations and Dragon Activations.  If you’d like to clear trauma, addictions, abuse, anxiety, or depression, or if you simply know that your life would be better with more money, better health, greater blessings, and expanded grace — this is the place for you!

Basic Background Info + Techniques

All these Activations are my original work;  they are a combination of inspiration, Geotran, Human Design, and Gene Keys.  As with Geotran, we utilize Clearings first, use the Activation to adjust the energy flow, and then Seal the Activation.  We use muscle-testing to check before and after, or to choose which Activation you require.  If you’re not familiar with these concepts, here is a brief description of each:

Geotran is a coding language that changes the programming in the inner bio-computers or in the energy fields.  It uses points, numbers and geometries to move the energy in the meridians and other parts of the human system (or in the bio-magnetic field).  Our aim with Geotran is always to restore you to YOU, as shown by your divine blueprint of Creation.  Geotran was created by Dorothy Espiau, and all Geotran Clearings and Integrations are copyright by Geotran International;  I’ve learned from Dorothy and have been practicing Geotran for 25 years.  More information about Geotran can be found on the ‘official’ site: or on my sister site:

Human Design was created or downloaded by Ra Uru Hu in 1987;  it is a combination of astrology and the 64 Hexagrams of the I Ching.  Each hexagram correlates to a Gate in the HD Chart.  The natal planetary positions show the conscious Gates (defined in black), while the red Gates are defined by where the planets were 88° before your birthdate.  Where defined Gates connect both sides of a Channel, both the Channel is defined and the energy Center on each end.  These nine energy Centers are similar to the seven Chakras;  they represent specific issues.  The combination of defined (or colored) Centers gives the person’s Type, Authority, Profile, and Incarnational Cross — in other words, how to conduct your life for maximum ease and joy.  Thus, the overall purpose of Human Design is to show your unique circuitry.  The official site for Human Design is, and there are numerous other sites — including my own — that lay out the details.

Sacred Geometry is the study and creative expression of the forms and patterns that form the foundation of the universe.  Sacred Geometry shows up in all cultures, although we recognize the roots primarily in gematria, Greek mathematics, Arabic al-gebra, mandalas and tesselation, Celtic knot patterns, medieval alchemy,  and the Flower of Life.

Activations:  In the same way Human Design is a fresh combination of astrology, chakras, and the I Ching, Activations are a unique collision of the principles behind Geotran, the circuitry concept of Human Design, and Sacred Geometry’s ability to shift energy and information in the bio-magnetic field.  All these activations are my original work, with appropriate credit shown for Geotran techniques and Human Design information.  Activation details and downloads are only available on this site…  so it’s good thing you’re already here!

Phoenix Activations are the first downloads I received, and they operate in the bio-magnetic field or in diverse parts of the human system.  To date, there are 20 Pure Phoenix Activations and 32 Activations that work specifically in the human bio-computers.

HD Gate Activations are a new and unique way to adjust your HD circuits using sacred geometry.   Conceptually, it’s the same as using Geotran to change the energy in the meridians and bio-computers;  also, it is a similar three-step process of “pre-test, correction, post test”.  However, we are not using the ‘language’ of Geotran to make those correction:  rather, we are using Sacred Geometry.

Dragon Activations are a further development of Phoenix Activations.  So far, every Dragon Activation is part of a five-piece super-activation based around a particular concept.

Glory Activations have now started coming in, with ten standalone Activations and five Glory Sequences to take you to that higher place of GRACE.

Clearings are what we do before any Geotran Integrations or Activations, to make sure that you are 100% YOU;  otherwise, you are doing the work for whatever incorrect energies you may  accidentally carry around with you and/or any lingering conditioning (Human Design).  Geotran Integrations have specific clearings;  with Activations, the core questions are:

  • Are you 100% YOU, the ‘you’ of your innate design or circuitry?

  • Have you been assimilated, contaminated, or possessed?  How many?  Identify?

  • For each, is it a person, place or thing?  Whatever it is, throw it out (with sound effects)!

Sealing:  We can do all this fantastic work, but it will not hold unless we SEAL afterwards.  The most common seal in Geotran is called Anchor, LOC and Seal, and I have borrowed it for the Activations.

The ANCHOR grounds the Integration or Activation.  Hands above head, palms together, pull down sharply to chin level, stating, ANCHOR!

The LOC is three actions:

  • Right hand under the left arm, 9 taps;  this binds and incarnates, anoints and seals.

  • Right hand clockwise over the head:  Circle R/C 16 times;  this adds Odic, translucent, transparent, opalescent light;  adds Light of Christ to areas that have been in darkness.

  • Right hand, 8 taps on the sternum,  4” below Adam’s apple;  this rebirths all cells that have been in darkness.

For the SEAL, press your fingertips together and state, SEAL!  If it checks, add “To God be the Glory Forever, Amen.”

Muscle-Testing is a technique we use to get clear answers to yes/no questions.  Every cell is a tiny battery;  when more life-force energy flows through the cell, it’s easy to keep the arm up, or for the finger to spring out.  When less life-force energy is present, the arm goes down, or the fingers feel sticky.  I know five different techniques, and each one works well.  You just need to practice until you can really sense the inner difference between Yes and NO.

Obviously I cannot download 25 years of experience onto one page;  just remember, “God loves a beginner!”

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