SuperActivations and SuperResets

These are further processes that go beyond Integrations and Activations to take your inner computers and other parts of your energy system to new levels.  You can see more about them on my other site

In the meantime, here are some great files to play with.  If you’re familiar with Geotran Integrations and resets, these will be easy for you!

SUPER-ACTIVATIONS go into the Void (of unmanifest creation) and bring your goals, dreams, and desires into form.  The eight SuperActivations amplify, magnify, intensify, and glorify your ability to create and manifest.

SUPER-RESETS integrate and reharmonize your system multidimensionally.  Each person has 144,000 facets, colors, dimensions, vibrations, and so on.  The ten SuperResets go beyond resetting any given part of your life to make sure all parts speak to each other smoothly and correctly.

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